MIMWAL: Time limited group membership (aka simple PAM solution)

Yes, it’s me again and Yes with MIMWAL again 😉

When talking with people about Privileged Access Management (PAM) scenario of my, I often get asked if the dedicated PAM forest is required. The aswer is yes, this is by design and also a very important security feature of the solution as you can never be sure your current forest is not already compromised. Also you can have the PAM forest more secure and some other benefits.

However having time limited group can also be useful in a one forest/domain scenario. So I played around a bit in my demolab and tried to build a simply PAM like solution with help of the Microsoft Workflow Activity Library (MIM WAL).

Description and benefits of my demo scenario:

  • Having time limited group membership
  • Duration of group membership can be modified
  • Can be initiated by users directly or by admins/helpdesk
  • Users get notified when their group membership expires

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MIMWAL: Update set membership based on group membership

This is another post based on my current experiences with the Microsoft Workflow Activity Library aka MIM WAL.

Of course you can do ths with a own custom activity or PowerShell activity but both requires a lot of code to maintain. I saw this question on how to update set members based on group members a lot of times in the TechNet forum and as you now due to limitation of FIM / MIM you can not do that with OoB functions.

But with the MIMWAL there is now an fast and reliable solution for that, so you can for example grant permissions in Portal (indirectly) based on AD groups.

The scenario for this example is like following:

  • I assume we have a set and a group with the same DisplayName. ( _ModifySetByGroup in this example)
  • We want to completly have the group and set membership in sync
  • I want to use only one workflow for multiple groups

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MIMWAL: Add new users to default groups

I recently started to have a look on the Microsoft Workflow Activity Library (WAL or MIM/FIM WAL) that was given to public some time ago.

In my current projects I used the PowerShell activity in a lot of time to do things that can’t be done with OOB functions that comes with FIM/MIM.

One of those things is doing a one-time member add to default groups for new users. I’ve done this with PowerShell but you have to make use of the FIMAutomation cmdlets that do updates through FIM/MIM WebService and as everyone knows this is not the fastest way. I could get some performance enhancements using the Lithnet PowerShell Module.

So I took a look on how to do that with MIMWAL and here are the results:
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