Azure AD SSPR: Reset from the login screen available for Win 7 & 8 (preview)

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Microsoft recently released the Add-In’s for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to provide the option to use Azure AD Self-Service Password Reset directly from the Login Screen.

Good point on this:

Unlike Windows 10 machines, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 machines do not have an Azure AD domain-joined or Active Directory domain-joined requirement for password reset.

Here is how it looks like:


There are some requirements to meet before using it:

You can download the add-ins from here:

And don’t forget to check the complete documentation here:



Exploring the new converged Azure SSPR and MFA registration experience

As you can see in my previous post on what is new in Azure AD for July 2018 there is an opt-in public preview of an new converged security info management (registration and management) available for Azure AD SSPR (Self Service Password Reset) and MFA (Multi Factor Authentication).

Currently you have to manage each security info in an separate portal which is now combined into one experience.

You can opt-in only a subset of your users (like a pilot group) by using a Azure AD group and activate the new feature only for that group or all users at one.

Once you activate the new experience the old one is no longer available until you disable the user for the public preview.


Once you enable this experience, users who register or confirm their phone number or mobile app through the new experience will have the ability to use them for MFA and SSPR, if those methods are enabled in the MFA and SSPR policies. If you then disable this experience, users who navigate to the previous SSPR registration page at will be required to perform MFA before they can access the page. 

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