Ignite: Privileged Access Management for Office 365 general available


Another great announcement from Ignite,
Privileged Access Management in Office 365 is now Generally Available

How it works

Privileged access management in Office 365 goes beyond traditional access control capabilities by enabling access governance more granularity for specific tasks.

It’s based on the principle of Zero Standing Access, which means users who need privileged access, must request permissions for access, and once received it is just-in-time and just-enough access to perform the job at hand.

Therefore, Zero Standing Access, combined with access governance, can be an effective deterrent to misuse of privileged access by:

  • Requiring users to elevate permissions to execute tasks that may expose sensitive data.
  • Providing Just-Enough-Access (JEA) to specific tasks, coupled with Just-In-Time access so access is only allowed for a specific period of time.
  • Removing the dependency on having a set of privileged accounts with standing access.


Get Started Today!

Privileged access management in Office 365 is now generally available and rolling out to customers with Office 365 E5 and Advanced Compliance SKUs.

You can get started by reviewing the below resources:


Author: Peter Stapf

Senior Consultant Identity and Access

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