5 years of blogging, and keep going on

I looked at my first post here an realized that tomorrow I will have my 5th anniversary of blogging. That’s a long time man.

As a present to you (beside the hopefully helpful stuff I post) I change the theme of the page to a more modern and readable one. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to all follower, for all comments and people who shared the side. I keep going on to provide useful content to you.

So let’s start into the next 5 years (minimum) 🙂



Author: Peter Stapf

Senior Consultant Identity and Access

2 thoughts on “5 years of blogging, and keep going on”

  1. Hi Peter
    Thanks for all the good stuff over the years. I know it takes time and effort to put all this material together and share with the communicate. Continua Educere — Continue to train others

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