The FIM Team User Group: Demonstration of MIMWAL

Just an addition to my post some days before regarding general availability of MIMWAL.

If you are interested in having a short introduction and demonstration of the MIMWAL capabilities and features considering to join The FIM Team User Group Meeting on Februar 10. 2016 20:00 UTC.

See: The FIM Team User Group

If you are not already on the mailing list, send a mail to the address mentioned on that site to get the invitation and URL for that Skype Online Meeting.



MIM Workflow Activity Library (MIMWAL) public available on GitHub

Just some days ago I saw this announcement in the FIM/MIM technet forum

The MIMWAL is a Workflow Activity Library (WAL) for building complex workflows in the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016 and Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2 solution.

The WAL is a powerful solution accelerator for MIM / FIM that provides foundational activities which can be combined to create complex workflows to implement business processes within a MIM / FIM solution simply by configuration instead of coding for days and months.

MIMWAL Features

  • Building-block Workflow Activities
  • Conditional Execution Capability for Building-block Activities
  • Support for Iteration Over a Collection of Values in Building-block Activities
  • Deep Resolution Capability for FIM Lookup Grammar
  • Rich Library of Workflow Functions
  • UI Framework for Building Additional Custom Workflow Activities
  • Support for ETW Event Tracing
  • Optimization of Update Requests
    • Combining multiple updates into a single request per resource per activity
    • Issuing update request only when resource is actually modified.

More information

Please visit the MIMWAL site at for information on project source code, releases and documentation, and discussion forums.


This activity library was used by Microsoft Conculting Services (MCS) ind their projects, and is now public usable for all of us. So if you are not want to develop your own libraries this one could help you built your solution, so give it a try and if you find any issues please respond directly on github.



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