MVP Award Update Oktober 2015

If you take a look at the following site you will see Microsoft have done some updates in the MVP award program:

Mainly the 36 former award expertises are split into 10 new award categories with 90 contribution areas.

Looking at the table you can see I’m now an MVP (Enterprise Mobility), or as I will can myself a little more specific,
an MVP (Identity and Access @ Enterprise Mobility)

So if you want to find a MVP for a specific expertise or technology have a look at the new award category table and after that search for MVP’s on the following site:

I’m fine with that update as it will reflect my work more than “Directory Service”.



Ups, I did it again: Awarded as an MVP the 2nd time

Great news for me today.

1st Got the renewal mail from Microsoft, awarding me a 2nd time as an MVP.
It’s an honor and pleasure to get that award again. Since the Forefront Identity Manager expertise got integrated into Directory Services some month ago, I’m now an MVP-DS.

2nd. My blog reached the 10.000 unique visitors and I hope you find the information you are looking for. I’ll do my very best to continue to provide you with helpful articles.